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There is something for every taste. Visit to medieval villages, hikes, sports activities, discovery trails, museums. You choose. We are here to help you.

But to give you a taste of your next accommodation, more than 20 hours of hiking are possible, the GR51 passes by us, and we are in the Natura2000 Zone and in the center of the PNR Alpes d'Azur. Two large paths, the Maralpine and the Balcon d'Azur on the GR51 pass through our accommodation.

For the visits, we adore the village of Tourrettes sur loup, but also Gourdon, the old Vence, Gréolières. Nice is also a very beautiful city, allowing it to alternate between Urbanism and Unusual Nature.

Grasse offers you a perfume museum, but also quite astonishing perfume workshops.

The museums are quite rich and always full of light, PIcasso in Antibes, Chagall in Biot, Matisse in Vence or Nice, the Maeght foundation in Saint Paul.

And some pearls like Folon in Saint Paul, Guerre et Paix in Vallauris.

Sports activities are legion, Cycling, Canyoning, climbing, trekking, tree climbing. Yours to Discover.