Guest table

The Cuisine

We are at the table d'hôte, so we share the meal with you. Conversations are going well, the spirit remains open and benevolent. The cuisine is of the day, with fresh products. We take into account your tastes or dietary constraints. thank you to report them.

We propose a menu that takes into account your wishes.

The Menu

The menu includes starters, main course and dessert.

When you talk about our cuisine, you say that it is tasty, fragrant, tasty, classic or original, it is according to the inspiration of the day, light, though hearty. Often provencal, sometimes inspired by our travels, can be spicy but not spicy.

Some examples,

mixed salads, gazpacho, vegetable flanks, 8-hour leg of lamb, Tian of vegetables, aumoniere of fish, pot of duck fire, chicken low temperature with honey and lemon, tart tatin with orange, mousse with dark chocolate, clafoutis, provençale creme brulee, .... the rest is to discover

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